Top albums of 2020

One of those rare days I worked with others — while on bikes.
  1. If I have to picked one, Run the Jewels, RTJ4 was my favorite complete album of the year and received the most plays while riding my bike. It’s full of timely messages and sick hooks served up by grown-ass adults (Killer Mike & El-P), which I appreciate ;)
  2. I love ambient, dreamy beats so simple albums like the ones from Washed Out and Poolside won’t blow anyone away, but in a year of ups and downs, who doesn’t need some reliable, sexy tunes to back the endless WFH situation?
  3. Do you want to get your house cleaned super fast? Try Shopping’s latest album. Blast these new age-y punk sounds, recruit the kids and voila! a clean house appears while everyone bops their bodies.
  4. Are you a fan of electronic music, but craving something a bit more sophisticated and less “cardio”? Look no further than The Avalanches, Roisin Murphy, Bob Moses, Kelly Lee Owens and SAULT. All are veterans that deliver. The Avalanches and SAULT albums are big time standouts for me this year, so if you only pick one or two, start here.
  5. While I really liked a lot of the hip hop and rap that came out this year, let’s face it, reliable, solid background music was much needed when we lived extra hard in our homes. I found myself going back to Future Islands, Fleet Foxes, Lianne La Havas, Father John Misty and Tame Impala over and over and over again.




connector, travel enthusiast, outdoor & water lover, food fan, chill mom, biz lady |

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Jocelyn Vande Velde

Jocelyn Vande Velde

connector, travel enthusiast, outdoor & water lover, food fan, chill mom, biz lady |

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